25-28 July 2018 | Edinburgh


The SIG for early years is a group of researchers with an interest in issues relating to early childhood education, physical activity and health, physical education and physical development.

In Edinburgh, the early years SIG will organise a pre-congress seminar afternoon around topic of physical activity (PA) recommendations for young children in different countries.  

The purpose of this afternoon is for an international comparison how each national PA recommendations for children between 0 to 8 years are interpreted and applied within both teaching and practice and how these are shared within training. More specifically:


  • To understand how the PA recommendations may differ with age or for children with Special Educational Needs and Disability.
  • To share how they are introduced and implemented, by teachers and practitioners.
  • To understand if national PA have changed over time and if so why.

We are also particularly interested in who is responsible for the national PA recommendations (parents / teachers / others). How PA is recorded within different settings, both as in terms of recording method and what tools are used.

The aim of the afternoon is to learn from each other and to share practice. 

We invite interested participants to propose their presentation to describe the national PA recommendations for children between 0 to 8 years. 

If you are interested to present PA recommendations of your country, please send a message to the secretary of SIG: Kristy Howells, email: earlyyears@aiesep.org

Preliminary program (from 12 to 16) of the seminar include 10-15 minute presentations from different countries followed by shared discussion with all participants. Through the discussion we would like to figure out if there is need for common statement concerning early years PA recommendations. Through the presentations it’s important to have a idea if national recommendations included the special needs of young children.

You are welcome to join us! 

On behalf of the SIG group, Arja Sääkslahti and Kristy Howells


Programme for Early Years Pre-Conference

11.00: Introduction to the Early Years SIG 

11.30: Summary of PA recommendations in different country (10 min presentation of each country)

- Belgium 

- Estonia

- Finland

- Germany

- Ireland

- Italy

- Norway

- UK


13.00 – 14.00: Break 

14.15: Group work: analysing similarities and differences in PA recommendations

15.00 – 16.00: Discussion about the common statement