25-28 July 2018 | Edinburgh
Malcolm Thorburn

Chair of the Scientific Committee Chair


Lecturer in Physical Education
Sport, Physical Education and Health Sciences (SPEHS)
Moray House School of Education

After teaching extensively in secondary schools and occupying a number of curriculum development roles at local authority and national level, my Ph.D research focus was on the conceptual, pedagogical and assessment issues associated with examination awards in physical education. Part of the research involved analysing the coherence of the rationales advanced for examination awards as these were often based on a rather untested series of assumptions. This research triggered a wider interest in philosophical ideas in education and the extent to which coherent ideas and values underpin policy aspirations and pedagogical advice.

My current research is on reviewing experiential learning opportunities in outdoor learning and the nature of the integration between physical, mental, social and emotional wellbeing in physical education and education in general. Additionally, I have a research interest on the lives and careers of veteran teachers in terms of understanding better the factors influencing their resilience and commitment, and their views on professional development more widely.