25-28 July 2018 | Edinburgh

Steering Group

Shirley Gray        Malcolm Thorburn           Nicola Carse              Mike

Dr. Shirley Gray        Dr. Malcolm Thorburn     Dr. Nicola Carse         Dr Mike Jess


Organising Committee

Dr Shirley Gray (Chair of the Organising Committee)

Dr. Malcolm Thorburn (Chair of the Scientific Committee)

Dr Nicola Carse

Dr Mike Jess

Dr Rosemary Mulholland

Dr Andrew Horrell

Justine MacLean

Dr Sarah MacIssac

Jenn Treacy

Dr Nicola Carse

Wendy Timmons

Dr Paul McMillan

Murray Craig

Denise Dewar

Susan Weir

For more information about the Organising Committee, please see the Physical Education Research Forum website. 

Shirley Gray

Shirley Gray

Chair of the Organising Committee
Malcolm Thorburn

Malcolm Thorburn

Chair of the Scientific Committee Chair