25-28 July 2018 | Edinburgh
Laura Azzarito

Programme Director and Co-Director at Teachers College, Columbia University

Programme Director of the graduate programmes in physical education pedagogy and physical culture, and Co-Director of the Visual Research Center for Education, Art, and Social Change at Teachers College, Columbia University

Her scholarship strives to understand nuanced conceptualizations of young people’s embodied identities with critical attention to the complex articulation of gender/sex, race/ethnicity, and social class at school sites. In her current work, Laura contends that the impact of neoliberal globalization on social justice issues at school demands urgent and critical attention. Her most recent publications “Where do we go from here?,” Up Against Whiteness, and “Permission to Speak” shed light on how the racialization process normalizes the “other” to white norms in fitness and health, preventing ethnic-minority young people from constructing and seeing their identities in culturally relevant ways, and thus alienating their consciousness of a sense of self. The unique contribution of her visual participatory research on the Body Curriculum recently received the 2016 JTPE Metzler-Freedman Exemplary Paper Award.