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Thursday 26 July

Sub-theme 1: Physical education, policy engagement and economic liberalism


James Wyant & Emi Tsuda                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

The physical education student teaching experience under edTPA

Stefan Meier & Sebastian Ruin

ATIPE – An international comparative study on attitudes of PETE-students towards inclusive PE

Christophe Schnitzler, Elisabeth Regnault & Jean Saint Martin

Developing competences or promoting sustainable development? What French and Norwegian curriculum in PE through outdoor   education tells us about their respective school’s policy engagement?


Sub-theme 2: Empowering practitioners and supporting professional learning


Kathrin Kohake                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Development and Validation of two Questionnaires for Children in Extracurricular Sports and Physical

Education based on Self-Determination Theory

Juan Gregorio Fernández-Bustos, Andrea Hernández-Martínez,  Alvaro   Infantes Paniagua & Sergio Picazo Flores

Weight status, physical fitness and their relationship with academic achievement among students in the 5th and 6th years of Elementary   School

Luciana De Martin Silva, Dean Clark, Thomas Legge, Gemma   Sharples & Matt Coldrey

The use of portfolios as a vehicle to empower practitioners and support their professional learning in undergraduate and postgraduate study   within Physical Education and Sports Coaching degrees

Christopher Wirth, Debra Vinci & Alexandra Venezia

PACC Inoculation Intervention: Coaching Follow-up to Improve Curriculum Integration

Wu Pei-Yi & Lin Ching Ping   

Professional knowledge of school athletic coaches in Taiwan

Jonas Wibowo & Claus Krieger

When and how do teachers cooperate? An interview study in the context of school internships in Physical Education Teacher Education

Delphine Tremblay-Gagnon & Maurice Tardiff

Teachers knowledge about students: the particularity of the Physical Education and Health (PEH) field

Kevin Patton & Melissa Parker

All Roads Lead to Rome: Four Cases of Becoming a Physical Education Teacher Educator

Chen Shao-Wei & Chinwei Chang

Professional Development of Taiwanese Primary Physical Education Teachers in Teaching Tactical Games Instructional module

Chen Chiu-Tsu & Chinwei Chang

A Case Study of High School Principal’s Instructional Leadership and  Physical Education Teacher’s   Professional Development

Steffen Greve, Jessica   Süßenbach, Bianca Troll, Michael Besser & Simone Abels

Preparing Pre-Service Teachers for Inclusive Education: Analyzing the Status Quo and Comparing the Effect of Different   Types of Subject-Specific Learning Opportunities at University on Beliefs,   Self-Efficacy and Pedagogical Content Knowledge

Ming-Sheng Tseng & Chinwei Chang

Classroom Teachers’ Professional Development for Teaching Movement Education Instructional module in Taiwanese Primary Schools  

Anne-Sophie Aubin & Cecilia Borges

How novice physical and health education (PHE) teachers in elementary and high schools experience their professional insertion   in Quebec?

Mara Manson

Perceptions of Self-Efficacy and its Impact on Student Learning

Xiaoping Fan, Kevin Patton, Craig Buschner, Luciana Braga & Cathrine Himberg 

“There Was Never Enough to Learn": The Role of Professional Conference Attendance on Teacher Candidates' Development


Sub-theme 3: Transformative learning and teaching in physical education and sports pedagogy


Patricia Barrington, Daniel Drost, Keith Young, Svetlana Mett & Abubaker                      Elrashid                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Transformative Learning Through Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Perspectives of Doctoral Students

Helena Baert, Matthew Madden & Erica Pratt

Applying movement analysis skills in physical education teacher education: An online mastery-based learning approach

Ya-Chi Hsieh & Chinwei Chang

Students' learning outcomes through a literacy oriented teaching in primary school physical education

Patricia Barrington, Daniel Drost, Keith Young, Svetlana Mett & Abubaker Elrashid

Transformative Learning Through Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Perspectives of Doctoral Students

Janelle Griffo & Pamela Hodges Kulinna

Merging Content in Physical Education

The educational purposes of physical education - curricular dialogues between Brazil and Portugal

Tiago Lavoura  & Rui Neves

Helena Baert, Matthew Madden & Erica Pratt

Applying movement analysis skills in physical education teacher education: An online mastery-based learning approach

Irene González-Martí,  Luis García-López, Andrea Hernández-Martínez & Cristina Cuesta Zamora

Benefits of Cooperative Learning in Physical Education with disaffected children


Sub-theme 4: Innovative perspectives on physical education, physical activity, health and wellbeing and sport


Karen Lambert & Justen O’Connor                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Physical Education Activation System (PEAS): A movement model with the future in mind

Jennifer Mead

Assertiveness as a positive developmental outcome of interscholastic sport participation

Manolis Adamakis & Ioannis Papanikolaou

Preliminary validation study of children’s cycling skills test





Sub-theme 3: Transformative learning and teaching in physical education and sports pedagogy


Ya-Chi Hsieh & Chinwei Chang                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Students' learning outcomes through a literacy oriented teaching in primary school physical education

Li Po-Ang & Keh Nyit Chin

The Implementation of Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility Model on the Elementary School Frisbee PE Program: An Action   Research

Juanita Sin Ting Cheung, Amy Ha & Johan Ng

Need Thwarting Predicts Students’ Autonomous Motivation and Controlled Motivation in Secondary Physical Education

Kuo Chin Lin & Hui-Chun Hung

The effectiveness of adopting tablet and Facebook for badminton skill learning in physical education

Quin He, Amy Ha, Juanita Sin Ting Cheung & Johan Ng

Exploring Female Students’ Motivation Towards Physical Education in Hong Kong Secondary Schools

Pan Yi-Hsiang, Chen-Hui   Huang, Shih-Ping Chang, Hung-Lin Yu & Wei-Ting Hsu  

The learning effects of Teaching Games for Understanding integrated into Sport Education seasons

Christopher Wirth, Adam Woods & Daniel Drost

Improving PETE Lesson Study Using Swivl Robot Classroom Observation Technology

Stephen Virgilio

Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programs-Model for Change

Tanjian Liang & Melissa Parker

Physical Education Teacher Candidates’ Development of Caring Relationships

Choi Siu Ming & Raymond Kim-Wai Sum

Perceived Physical Literacy and Physical Education Teaching Efficacy among Hong Kong Pre-service Physical Education Teachers: A   Preliminary Study

Kim Youngjoon, Lee Unjong & Lee Okseon

Life Skills Development and Assessment in Elementary Physical Education Classes

Chang Shih-Ping, Yu Hung-Lin, Hsieh Ying-jung & Pan Yi-Hsiang

Both teachers and students' experience after implementing TPSR integrated into  sport education model   program

Matthew Madden, Helena Baert & Erica Pratt

Impact on student learning in Health and Physical Education: Perceptions of ‘new’ in-service teachers.

Cathal Óg O’Sullivan, Melissa Parker & Tom Comyns

Enhancing Fundamental Movement Skills: Understanding Student Voices.

John Todorovich & Daniel Drost

Learning an Unfamiliar Motor Skill in the Absence of Augmented Teacher Feedback

Tsai Yu-lin & Chingwei Chang

Integrating Mobile Learning into Mosston's Reciprocal Style of Teaching: A case of Junior High School Students’   basketball learning

Wei-Ting Hsu, Min Pan & Yi-Hsiang Pan

The Role of Student Perceived RISE-support in Physical Education

Hseng Zyung Neo & Nyit Chin Keh

The Reflection of a Physical Education Student Teacher’s Teaching Experience

En-Hua Chan, Nyit Chin Keh & Chingwei Chang

Constructing the Concept of Literacy-Oriented Physical Education  Curriculum in   Taiwan

Min-Hua Chung

Study of culturally relevant physical education in elementary schools

Cai-ling Wu & Chingwei Chang

Integrating mobile-learning with aerobic dance for PE class: The effects of students’ learning outcomes

Naho Matsumoto

What students learn at net ball game play?; student’s conception in children’s drawings

Xiuye Xie, Weidong Li & Daekyun Oh

Effects of Situated Game Teaching through Situated Set Plays on Secondary Students’ Tactical Knowledge and Situational   Interest in physical education

Jonathan Chevrier, Sylvain Turcotte & Denis Loizon  

Motives underlying the selection of content knowledge by teachers in Physical Education and Health

Physical Education in Primary Education in Portugal: a case study on teaching models

Juliana Rodrigues & Rui Neves




Sub-theme 4: Innovative perspectives on physical education, physical activity, health and wellbeing and sport


Rosalind Whitworth, Lorraine Cale & Jo Harris                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Developing a feasible, sustainable and inclusive physical activity intervention in a case study primary school                                                                                                                                         

Felix Berrigan, Pascale Morin, Irma Clapperton, Gino Perreault   & Christine Giguère

Managing screen viewing in children: a challenge for many   families

Stefania-Maria   Aggelaki & Nikolaos Digelidis

Primary school students’ physical activity and readability performance at school: Is there any connection?

Katsuro Kitamura & Tokuka Inn

Impact of using digital pens on flipped learning in athletic activities of high school students

Léo Bessette, Sylvain Turcotte   & Sylvie Beaudoin

Describing the physical activity of high school students who have participated in Global Health approach in elementary school.

Ann-Christin Sollerhed & Gerth Hedov

Physical activity among children with Down Syndrome

Nicola Beirne, Victoria Goodyear & Mark Griffiths

How is health understood by young people through social media?: an exploratory study

So Nemoto, Yusuke Okada & Saki Tohkairin

Why do People Become Amateur Runners? The Process of Acquiring a Physically Active Lifestyle in Japan

Silvio Addolorato, Gabriella Frattini, Paola Vago & Francesco Casolo

Sports and online social networking: existing ways of using in a population of 2255 developmental aged subjects

Laura Power, Kristy Howells & Laura Gubby

The impact of wellbeing on the physical activities of occupational therapy (OT) for a child with dyspraxia.

Kristy Howells & Tara Coppinger

‘Drive to drink!’

Christian Herrmann, Christopher Heim, Fabienne Ennigkeit & Harald Seelig

Diagnosis and development of basic motor competencies

William Patx, Victoria Goodyear & Mark Griffiths

Development of an affective learning observable framework in physical education: a feasibility study.

Jérémy Bonni, Jean-Philippe Dupont, Benoit Vercruysse, Catherine Draye & Marc Cloes

The physical education reform in Wallonia-Brussels Federation   (Belgium)

Debra Vinci, Christopher Wirth, Alexandra Venezia & Jordan Freeze

Walker Finds His Wiggle: Formative Process in Developing a   Picture Book to Foster Physical Literacy in Young Children

Félix  Berrigan, Marc Bélisle & Rémi Richelme

Combining mindfulness and physical activity: effects on executive functions and perceived stress in elementary school children

Sylvai Turcotte, Félix  Berrigan, Sylvie Beaudoin, Jonathan Chevrier & David Bezeau  

Implementation of school-based physical activity interventions in secondary school: facilitators and barriers

Cecilia Chan, Amy Ha & Johan Ng

Parent and Child Fundamental Movement Skill Competence: Do Physically Skilled Parents Have Physically Skilled Children?

Nollaig McEvilly

What is physical education (PE), and who teaches it? Undergraduate PE students’ views and experiences of the outsourcing of PE   in the UK.

Marc-André Duchesneau & Cecilia Borges

Measuring developmental experiences of student-athletes participating in “Programme Sport-études”, an intensive   training program offered in Québec, Canada.

Yuko Hatano & Rumi Otake

A Practical Study of Noguchi Taiso in Creative Lesson School in Japan

Nikolaos Digelidis, Xrysa Sevdali, Styliani Katsantoni & Spyridoula Vazou

Classroom break physical activities and students’ active engagement

Physical Education Interim Benchmarks Assessment at Elementary School in Portugal - teachers' expectations

Maria João Silva, Mariana Pereira, Rafaela Queirós, Samuel Ferreira & Rui Neves

Effectiveness of the “Shoulder-Tackle” program on tackling safety and performance in American football

Hirokazu Matsuo & Tsuyoshi Matsumoto


Jing Qi, Wenhong Xu & Lijuan Wang

Social Interaction between Students with and without Disabilities in General Physical Education: A Chinese Perspective