25-28 July 2018 | Edinburgh

The AIESEP Young Scholar Award was established in 2001 by former AIESEP Board Member Eitan Eldar (Isreal). The intent of the award is to support the participation of early career scholars at AIESEP events and to recognise their scholarly promise.

Eligibility is confined to those members who plan to or have recently embarked on careers as researchers. Applicants are encouraged to apply for the Young Scholar Award during their doctoral studies or early years of post graduation (up to three years post PhD).

Applicants must be members of AIESEP (see here for how to become a member). Award recipients receive a waiver of their registration fees and formal recognition at a given AIESEP Congress/Conference.

To become a delegate at our congress, you will need to submit an abstract through our abstract system, as well as completing the application process as outlined below. Click here to follow the link for the abstract system

**EXTENSION - Abstract submission deadline has now been extended to Wednesday 6th of December 2017**

Application Process:

Applicants must submit the following documentation, via email, to Tristan Wallhead at wallhead@uwyo.edu no later than the deadline for abstract submission of the given AIESEP Congress/Conference:

  1. 1. CV,
  2. 2. One-page description of intention for future involvement in AIESEP and sport pedagogy research,
  3. 3. Proof of study (if still in doctoral studies),
  4. 4. Abstract of submitted presentation, and
  5. 5. A letter of recommendation from an AIESEP member in good standing (scanned).


Those receiving the AIESEP Young Scholar Award will be obligated to

(a) deliver a presentation (oral or poster) at the given AIESEP Congress/Conference and

(b) participate in any events scheduled for AIESEP Young Scholars at the given Congress

Number of Awards:

The number of approved awards depends on the specific yearly budget and will not exceed five per congress/conference.

Young Scholar Committee

Michal Lenartowicz, Erin Gerlach and Tristan Wallhead